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Add a description of your commission request here. Please include any details that you feel might be relevant.

Please provide a title/date to be inscribed in pencil underneath the artwork. Try and keep it short - no more than 20 characters.
You are welcome to omit the title.

Upload your reference images here - please include a variety of options if relevant. All photo's should be unedited (no filters) and preferably taken in natural light. Upload up to 25 MB in any of the following formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .zip, .rar.

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For reference purposes only. These must match your billing details on checkout.

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Additional Prints

You have the option to order up to 20 additional limited edition prints of your painting. All prints are signed and numbered. I charge around $100 per print which excludes shipping costs and VAT (for South African residents).


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Permission to Post

Can I share this image to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? If so, I will be sure to post it after the date of your choice.

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Frame Selection

Please select a frame for your original painting.




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The artist reserves the right to decline any commission request within one week of reservation. The artist reserves the right to release prints of the work at a later stage without further notice to the purchaser. The Purchaser warrants that he/she has no intellectual or copyrights over the image and/or artworks created. The Purchaser warrants that it shall not reproduce, copy or sell the Artistic Work in any way whatsoever.