A Thousand Lovers’ Eyes

By Lorraine Loots

A modern reimagining of the 18th Century’s most sentimental sub-genre of jewellery, A Thousand Lovers’ Eyes is my latest project, launched on the 14th of February 2020. Clients are invited to commission a custom miniature watercolour painting of a partner/child/parent/sibling/pet’s eye, which will be varnished and set in 9 carat rose, white or yellow gold, behind a sapphire crystal dome. A sentimental date of your choice, as well as my signature and the number of the piece will be engraved on the reverse of each pendant. A fine Italian-made trace chain completes the piece. Each pendant is a once-off heirloom piece, never to be printed or recreated, and will come with a certificate of authenticity.

Pendants crafted by Carla Maxine Germann.

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    Here are a few FAQs

    What do I need to prepare?

    1. IMPORTANT: You have 25 minutes to process your order before the item is removed from your cart. To secure a slot please be sure to complete the order before such time. If you would like to purchase other items from the website, please do so in a separate order and email us to consolidate the shipping.


    2. You will get to choose an edition number – this will be the product’s name – ie. 9/1000. The date underneath this is the estimated delivery date.


    3. All pendants will be 9 carat gold, but you will have a choice between yellow, white + rose gold. Decide beforehand which one you’ll opt for.


    4. You will need to choose a length of chain. There are 3 options: 45cm, 50cm, and 55cm. See the picture above to get an idea. Decide which one you prefer (use a piece of string if you want to see where it sits on your body).


    5. Be sure to decide on the date you want me to engrave on the back. TIP: When selecting the date during the ordering process, you can go back many years/months by clicking on the name of the year/month and choosing from there.


    6. We’ve recently added a step to the process where you can optionally share the story behind the eye with me. I really love reading the reasons behind the specific eye you’ve chosen for your commission. It gives me some context and inspiration and allows me to channel that energy into the piece. So think about your story and type it up before the slots are released, so you can simply cut and paste it when prompted.


    7. MOST IMPORTANTLY: your reference pictures. The order process requires an image reference upload in order to proceed, so please gather these in preparation and have them ready to upload from your laptop/phone. You can choose a partner, child/pet’s eye – as long as it’s an eye, I’m happy. Please make sure pictures are taken up close, straight-on, in natural light, in sharp focus, and left unedited (no filters!). Because these are photorealistic artworks, the quality of the final piece will rely heavily on the quality of the reference picture/s. Please supply various options if possible.


    8. TOP TIP: check your daily limit for online transactions and for extra precaution, consider calling your bank to notify them that you will be making a transaction in South African Rands (ZAR).

    What does each Lovers' Eye cost?

    The cost of each piece is R 28,000 excl. VAT (roughly $ 1,780 USD). This price excludes the cost of shipping, which will be calculated at checkout. The price will increase over time as the gold price fluctuates and the slots become more limited.

    When will my order be shipped?

    Please note that the delivery date on this release of Lovers’ Eyes will be April 2022, so these will NOT be ready in time for Christmas. If you’re buying one as a Christmas present, I can send the Certificate of Authenticity and a hand-written note (dictated by you) for the receiver to open on the day.


    Please bear in mind that your piece is being shipped from South Africa (securely, via FedEx or DHL), which means that there will almost certainly be duties and taxes due when your parcel passes through customs in your country. Unfortunately, we cannot legally declare a value different to the amount you paid.


    I hope this answers all your questions, but please feel free to reach out to Tabitha at admin@lorraineloots.com if anything is unclear.

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