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Reference Images

The eye of your choice will be painted in a photorealistic style, so please note that the quality of reference images provided will directly affect the quality of the final piece.

Upload your reference images here - please include a variety of options if possible. All photos should be taken up close, in natural light, in sharp focus, in full colour, and left unedited (no filters). Upload up to 25 MB in any of the following formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .zip, .rar.

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Personal Information

For reference purposes only. These must match your billing details on checkout.

I love hearing your stories, it makes the work so much more meaningful for me. BUT if you don't feel like sharing, please don't feel any pressure to do so!

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Chain Length

Please select an option below.

45 cm | 17.7"

50 cm | 19.6"

55 cm | 21.6"

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Permission to Post

Can I share this image to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? If so, I will be sure to post it after the date of your choice.

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Gold Selection

Please select the gold of your choice below.

9K yellow gold

9K white gold

9K rose gold

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Significant Date

On the reverse of each piece, I will engrave my signature, the number of the piece (ie. 8/1000) as well as a sentimental date of your choice. Please select a date below. Tip: you can go back many years/months by clicking on the name of the year/month and choosing from there.

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The artist reserves the right to decline any commission request within one week of reservation. The artist reserves the right to release prints of the work at a later stage without further notice to the purchaser. The Purchaser warrants that he/she has no intellectual or copyrights over the image and/or artworks created. The Purchaser warrants that it shall not reproduce, copy or sell the Artistic Work in any way whatsoever.